Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Holiday Wish

(My platform to share my Holiday wish)

Dear Citizens of the World,

as another year comes to a close, reflection on the experiences that occurred in our lives this past year begins. A year that had some feelings of fear, disgust, and depression...on the other hand a year filled with promise, rejoice, and serenity.  

I personally experienced the spectrum of emotion. From work security, love loss, friends marrying, babies being born, tattoos, live music, heart break, depression, celebration, turning 30, moving.......And at the conclusion of every experience, the same 'awakening' occurred. The same feeling resides within me. The absolute overwhelming expression of who I really am, who I really want to be, who people really see me as, is waking up. I am ready to live the life i have been so scared to live. I am ready. And in all the experiences we have in the world, in our world, in our day to day lives, the truth is we are all given what we can handle, word? WORD!!

My holiday wish to the world, and Santa is listening!!!

1. For us to start looking at one another in the eyes, even a simple glance, connect with the people around you.
2. That we Give of your time to the people, organizations, churches, mediation groups, shelters, whatever it is that, That inspires you. The places that place that good feeling in your belly.
3. Having a moment everyday where you bless the other parts of the world. However you feel comfortable in doing that, just do it. reading these words is  privilege, that means you have a computer or iPhone, or fancy technology...where in other parts of the world the focus is clean drinking water. 
4. For every woman, man, and child to be able to look in the mirror and see the beauty that they are! 
5. For children to be safe. In their homes, communities, schools, playgrounds, and in their own minds and hearts.
6. That the nations of the world let go of "who you love". the focus is a celebration of  saying YES to love
7. Learn to Forgive. 
8. We only buy what is needed
9. See one another as brothers and sisters, not enemies. Creating a world that works for everyone!
10. May everyone in the world be able to smile because something so good is happening in their lives. 

This is my holiday wish.  I smile at the blue sky, the green trees, and embrace the pure beauty that is all around us.

Be You!!!


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Elemental Packing

24 days.

24 days to release.

24 days to categorize.

24 days to pack.

24 days to be. present.