Wednesday, March 9, 2011

LENT-letting go...letting in

Lent- "The 40 weekdays from Ash Wednesday until Easter observed by Christians as a season of fasting and penitence in preparation for Easter."
fasting- to abstain from food 
penitence-the condition of quality of being penitent; regret for wrongdoing 

Today, I am conscious of what millions are participating in across this globe. Participating in a very religious and spiritual act of letting something in their life go, or in other words, giving up something that has been seen in their lives as an addiction, or seen as wrongdoing. Many people choose to give up certain foods, alcohol, social networking, negative words, caffeine, etc. As much as i appreciate the act of giving something up, and giving it up for an act so personal such as a spiritual one, I find myself asking more questions in reference to this season of Lent.

When we choose to give something up in our lives,  do we need to to replace 'it' with something new? The energy of letting go only really works when you allow letting in. When I claim I am not going to complain for 40 days, what happens to that time i would complain? How does that time get filled? And after the 40 days am I granted permission to complain once again?

The acknowledgement of your habits and choices in life is a healthy view. Taking time to look at how you and who you are in the world. Taking moments to recognize your perfection in your imperfections. Being comfortable in admitting your feelings, good, bad, and indifferent. Being willing to do these on your own time in your own way, with or without ash. Allowing yourself the freedom of letting go, and being willing to let the newness in. 

Today begins a conscious 40 day adventure for millions. For me I let go of all the crazy thoughts of lack, insecurities, and ways that don't serve my highest good....and I let in the knowing that I am, as you are, an off the hook, one of a kind, brilliant, beautiful, creative, passionate, authentic peep that is here to make life ALIVE. 

feeling it?