Thursday, June 23, 2011

a Kristin fortune cookie for you

remembering that no matter where i am, no matter how I feel, no matter if i believe there is not enough for me, i can be reminded it is all bullshit. I am here on purpose. you are here on purpose, and we get to choooooose to be in love!

good day of love to you

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

check in

been awhile.

had so much to say and yet, so little. I am happy, in a calm, serene way.  Some days i want to crawl in a ball and be alone, surrendering into my day, and being quiet in my joy. Other days I want to groove like a soul train dancer, laughing a massive belly laugh and engaging with whomever I can.

the soundtrack has changed more than i could have imagined. live music serves my soul more than anything else, It always has been where i find myself to be most alive, most happy. and instead of stadiums or clubs, i am enjoying music in living rooms and cafes. connecting with the music, the people, the environment on a first name basis. High fives and side hugs. Connecting and contact sharing. It's as if I was made to network, who knew?

the people have become silhouettes of people I once had cups or pints of life with. the qualities of the crew in my life has shifted from friends of my youth growing into peeps that i will have in my future. i am creating a posse, a crew, an entourage of absolute potential. And I'm being mirrored in every conversation, called to be a greater better me, and above all i am being loved unconditionally.

the lesson has been amazing. no matter where i go, there i am. the 'everythings' of life are always present and that is incredible and interesting to take a bite out of.  my parents will still be my parents, all issues and love will always be until they change. my sisters will always be my sisters. available and willing, loving and compassionate.

the brilliance when i got it, i GOT it. and what a Got that was and is that i Got, hahah.
---Some people only know how to say Yes, they live from a place of Yes. Always wanting to serve. Then there are people that don't know how to HEAR no. They expect to always get and have and hear what they want with minimal compromise, and massive manipulation. SO i am here to hear what needs to be heard and be clear when I say yes or when i need to say no.

so i am discovering my passionate truth, and so far so good.


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Location! Location!! Location!!!

doesn't matter where i am, or where you are. we are, where we are, and it's perfect!!!-KnM