Saturday, January 29, 2011

29 days into 2011 (an attempt at a non-political statement)

The intentions and the resolutions are being looked at through a 29 day old, glazed over, whirlwind microscope. The thoughts of what would be, how they would be, feel like, smell, and taste like are far from the pre-conceived notion of how I planted 2011 into action.

I planted seeds of change, shift, newness, readiness, and willingness. Planted the seeds into a fertile soil, awaiting to nurture the growth and shift of life. The soil is new, mingling with a tad from the past to help it mature into soil for future seeds.

What I forgot was watering this new garden of intention with Patience. To allow the seedlings to grow in their right time.

I carried on, I lived my life, seeing the world unfold around me with deep amazement. Standing, and in most cases sitting,  watching the president speak to the United States at his 2 year mark. And yet I watched his country ridicule and criticize. People making accusations and assumptions. Yelling disappointments and anger. Criticizing a man that is doing by far more than I could at this juncture in my life. He is taking some steps to cleaning up, weeding and clearing out the 'things' that have not worked for us as a government and country.

And so I choose to be patient. I choose not be fired up with pissosity, but to be fueled by the power of change.  I choose to let the fertile soil nurture the seeds of intention that the leader of the country I live in can grow in a healthier way, a way we have never grown before. And for that i am honored to be a supporter of Barry.

I am not at all trying to be on a high horse. I am asking myself the same questions, and I am asking in a deep way.

This is not at all about Politics , it is about living the life we can live, everyone of us. Supporting one another in a world that can really work for everyone. Maybe I am just naive, but I do have FAITH that this is possible.

It is said that "thoughts become things," well if that is true let's pay more attention to the thoughts as they linger in the 8 pound mass in our head. Pay attention to the thoughts that we form into sentences and spit out of our mouths so freely. The words are manifesting into action.......that has shown to be scary business sometimes yes?

So my challenge to you, my challenge to myself. Let's grow a community garden together. Planting seeds of change, abundance, love, joy, laughter, etc. and nurture the growth of brilliant possibility. Watering the garden with patience and beauty. And holding one another accountable to clearing the weeds out. Being supportive of one another to manifest a reality that is delicious for all.

In all aspects of life, it takes time and focus. If you desire world peace, and you completely indulge yourself in an anti-war state of beingness you are creating more opportunity for the world to give you WAR. start to focus on being Pro-Peace. Being peaceful in your car, during rush hour, as that driver just flipped you off for not letting you in your lane because he didn't have his turn signal on. Be at peace when your life delivers a new reality, when you assumed you were headed one way, and you were pushed another way. Be at peace when your friends shift into different people and you are reinventing your 'group.' The truth is be at peace when you are shifting into a new person and the old ways, friends, way of life no longer serve you. be Pro-Peace.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


The new year has begun and that means a newness for all. I traveled 1,072 with 2 men, and everything I own, packed in a tetris like configuration in my beloved Element. It was by far one of the most nerve awakening, spirit liberating, and life freeing experiences of my life. If i would have had another box, paper, or person to fit, the masterful journey would be less than absolute perfection. Which is how I choose to look at the upcoming year in my life. I choose to have the right people, the right things, the right to have freedom to live the life I need and want. 

Leaving Portland was one of the most incredible experiences i have ever had. Portland embodied so much of who I am and what I desired in life, and leaving only will provide the one missing experience…..the experience that is none of my business. 

The journey down I-5 was liberating. watching the sky change so drastically --rain--fog--more fog--and then to land in a place where all i see is blue skies, smell of salt water and a refreshing sense of newness. This is good. To be in a willingness for newness and a readiness to start the next book in the life of Kristin. Pretty Rad my friends.

I am looking forward to sharing the nextness and the newness. I am deeply grateful for the path I have taken.....the one behind me, the one in front of me, and the path I am standing on.