Friday, May 20, 2011

Life's Fondue

days and weeks have melted into a big heaping bowl of processed cheese fondue. the kind that sticks to the pot, the roof of your mouth, and never seems to keep its heat.  I'm dipping possibilities into processes. seems the desire i have for sustenance is not giving me much substance.  or maybe substance for sustenance. either way I am experiencing a feeling that I am all to familiar with. Emotions and feelings that i wish to experience as a memory.

a dark day of the soul, nothing to worry about, or concern myself with. These are the days that lead to absolute Light and Discovery. These are the moments that I will look back on and be grateful that I had the courage to be real with myself and feel what needs to be felt. Sometimes the fear, lack, disappointment shows up in our life so we can get clear on what we really want. I change that statement....Its not sometimes its all the time. All experiences give us the absolute clarity to see what we can have, create, embody. Seems i have put on my foggy goggles today.

so what to do now?

be quiet...unplug...listen...and allow the glory of this life reveal itself to me.  laugh...feel...cry...and allow the true essence of who I am become more alive.  create...evaluate...demonstrate... and allow the brilliance that I am wake the F up. call...text...update...and allow it all to be from and for Love.

this is my blah blah blah blog for the day.....

maybe its time to find a new fondue recipe?

keep dipping


Wednesday, May 18, 2011


hungry for...

1. attention
2. love
3. food
4. friendship
5. interaction
6. communication
7. compassion
8. gratitude
9. rhythm
10. sass
11. surprises
12. flirting
13. conversation
14. excitement
15. satisfaction
16. fulfillment
17. music
18. laughter
19. creativity
20. results
21. release
22. forgiveness
23. healing
24. education
25. purpose
26. abundance
27. massage
28. prosperity
29. beauty
30. family

Is what I'm hungry for available as a combo? am i hungry because I feel empty? experiencing gluttony?
or is it what I have, so desiring it makes sense because i Know it's available?

we all feel hunger, physically, mentally, spiritually....the pains can cause us to become cranky, loopy, low energy, silly, intolerable.

my mission- Feed My Soul....Feed My Mind....Feed My Body.....

starting to feel full

Monday, May 16, 2011

what if....

what if you won the lottery today, what would you do first? who would you call first?

what if you ran into your favorite musician in the post office, what would you say?

what if you happened upon a lost earring, how would you feel?

what if you fell in love, deeper than ever before, with the perfect person tonight?

what if you are forgiven for all your mistakes of the past?

what if no one ever made an assumption about you, your life, your feelings?

what if you had the most amazing singing voice?

what if you could cook a meal that would have your fellow patrons at the table praise your talent?

what if you could travel anywhere you wanted, whenever you wanted? where would you go?

what if you started that business you have been dreaming of?

what if you smiled and they smiled back?

what if you never needed to know the answers to the questions?

what if you woke every morning kissing life right on the mouth?

what if you made things happen just by thinking they would?

what if you forgave yourself?

what if you asked another how they were, and you cared about the answer?

what if you were healthy?

what if you had discovered a genie in a bottle, and you were granted 3 wishes?

what if you were loved no matter what?

what if your heart didn't feel pain anymore?

what if you sang your heart out at karaoke night?

what if you could have no fears?

what if you allowed good to happen?

what if ....

living in the question 

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Coming May 2011

meanwhile back at the ranch, she realized she was just as important and just as cool, with better style on occasion, and makes heads turn when she enters a room, creating curious thoughts of people all around.   "is she wearing that?" "is that........?!?"  "i know her...I knew her when..."

while driving people slow down to check her out, check her wheels out, possible take a moment to grab her attention. once you see her car, you could never forget it.

a sex icon, no. a political figure, no. a spiritual guru, no. something more promising, something that can't be put into words. She is an individual.  her status in the world is mind boggling and mind bending. almost as if it makes no sense, and yet makes all the sense in the world.

she is one that knows music before the radio stations get hold of it, manipulating the ears of  friends to listen, love and jam to. She always makes her way to the front row, connecting with the band and making her presence known.

she ponders life, philosophizes the whats, how's, why's behind the universe, and how her existence is essential. She also makes sure all who come across her path know there essential existence as well. She will tell you how beautiful you are. And how you make a difference in the world.

Her laugh, contagious. a trixter at heart and one who always enjoys the giggle and the laughter of  the crowd...even if its a crowd of one.

She loves people and connecting with as many as possible. She falls in love as much as possible, daily. Falling in love with people makes sense to her. Always finding a way to make her love known....and it comes from a  place of the heart, not the biological clock. Feeling the human connection is essential to her existance.

She is a sister.....through and through. Adores her family, and the add on's she has made in her life.

She occasionally spends moments in fear and self doubt. Knowing she can always be more, do more, be better and greater....When she needs 'quiet' time, this tends to be what she is thinking about. She is giving so much and when she fills empty, remind her of her brilliance. As she will always remind you of who you are

She is a wordsmith. Never educated in a way most have been. She learns from her experience of the world, and from conversations. Her classroom is our universe.

She has an appetite for beauty. Forgetting to eat because she is obsessed with discovering ways to appreciate the beauty all around her. She looks at a person and will compliment them, rarely feeling embarrassed by the bold move.

Loves exploring all 5 senses. Making the connection of her life with others. Formulating a master plan for the smell, taste, feel, look, and sound of life to join forces to nurture the growth that is demanding to be cared for.

She is who we all are....a child of the universe. Discovering everyday in every way how to be a greater  participant on the soil.

how is she different from the president (both have a birth certificate)? how is she different from your favorite celebrity? your neighbor? your boss? your mother? your pope?

living in this world all at the same time, reflecting what she sees in the world is a reflection of who you are being in the world. she is a master, as you are a master. she is global citizen, as you are. she has made mistakes, as you have made mistakes. she has loved, and loves, as you have.

Get ready world... she is becoming clear on her next move, her greatest creation yet, she will inspire you, illuminate you, and above all Call You to be a greater creator in your own life.

This film is not yet rated.