Friday, July 29, 2011

shifting into new gears

it has been a trip these last few weeks. the days melting and merging into one another. i have traveled across 4 states, thousands of miles, camping in the mountains for 9 days and now headed out on another adventure Sunday for yet again another week. Seems it has been a fun filled summer, and that is true, it is however been exhausting. Pouring energy into adventures that have given me more reason to be alone. to focus on my life, my needs, my life.

A year ago I would have jumped on any chance to have endless adventures and would have expressed endless excitement for exploring the world around me. Now these days all i want is, normalcy.

Normalcy for me would be routine. Work. Play. Friends. Family. Laughter. My day to be filled with what needs to be done, getting it done, and the joys of surprise wiggled in. I would have a sense of being busy and feeling delighted every night with what i accomplished.

Boredom doesn't work for me, and routine can create a sense of boredom, so I re-define my definition. I want to be creatively challenged. To feel inspired with what I do, and knowing what i am doing inspires not just others but ME. I want to get out in the world feeling purpose driven and creatively inspired.

This is what I am about. This is how I want my life to be seen by others. This is my mantra, the song of my heart. 
-be on purpose with everything you do. 
-forgive yourself for being hurtful, careless towards others and especially yourself. no need to change the people around you, focus on you. 
-call a friend or make it a point to reach out when your having a dark night of the soul
-surround yourself with people that 'have your back' kinda love 
-trust yourself, that is the only validation needed 
-ask for help
-laugh out loud
-be vulnerable 
-make new friends but keep the one is silver or gold, we just are.
-realize that we have no expiration date. It is a constant reality that you have this moment, this moment alone. 
This is my to be list, formally my to do list.
-i am loving, living, and thriving.
-i have an amazingly delicious job, being myself, creative and brilliant
-i love being with my friends that lift me up, support me, and respect me, and I am the mirror 
-"got your back" love is a norm
-seeing my mom and dad and my beautiful sisters at least 4 times a year. 
-living in a place that is creative, inspiring, spacious, and welcoming
-always taking care of my needs and heart
-come from a place of compassion, knowing nothing is broken, so nothing needs to be fixed.
-greet every morning with a HUGE thank you and falling asleep in a grateful way.

And so it is, and so i let it be, and so it is.

be good to you today, and while your at it, be good to you everyday.


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