Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sleep Signing

Everyday is new, this we know to be true, no need to drill that truth deeper. 

It came to my attention today that we are always experiencing and developing more and more ways to defend our experiences. We create reasoning's for why we feel the way we feel, why people are the way that they are. This food is better than that food. Listen to my music, its better than yours.  It is a constant defending of the 'why' we do things as humans.  It started millions of days ago with the concept of permission.

we have been raised in a state of living that is constantly giving permission to the things, people, and places around us for whatever reason. 

permission allows us to be OK with what is happening. it makes us feel in control. it permits action. 

For whatever reason I am in a world that permits war. that permits starvation. that permits lack. these are a few of the things that are happening everyday in the world, that i truly believe can be healed.  Yet i am in a constant argument with myself on how I gave permission to these events that disgust my heart so. How did I, and when did I? 

For years upon years I have formulated an opinion of what is so wrong with the world around me, and how it can be ugly? Why do we as humans do such gnarly things?  Why are people so insanely miserable? cranky? mean? That's when the light bulb appeared for me. I have been giving one of the most powerful tools we have as humans away.....My things that I do not want to serve my life any longer. 

By focusing on these situations, people, etc that I don't jive with, my focus is me signing the permission slip. Its insane to think about. 

For years upon years our human nature has been living with a permanent marker in our hands, signing off, and permitting the destruction of our planet. We are sleep signing

Now for a hippie moment............ Ask yourself what have you been sleep signing? Seriously think about it. Have you been giving yourself permission to live an unhealthy life? I am fat, and that's just the way it is!     Without even thinking for a moment that all you need to do is rip that slip up and sign a new one!  Being healthy and loving my bod is off the hook, I'm a hot mama!

Today I am changing the ink on this pen of mine. With more and more attention on the signing, it becomes more and more 'mine'. I become more invested and engaged in this idea of living my life. I am conscious. I am singing what i want to sing, wearing what i want to wear, writing whatever I want to write, and ultimately developing one hell of  a world that more peeps would want to live in. 

Signing above the dotted line,

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

'shuffle' is the new psycic

 You simply ask the question, hit shuffle on your i (Phone,Touch, Pod) and there you have it, a universal affirmation to your question. No matter the question, big or small, your music library holds the answer.  You not only get the answer, you also get a nice 3-5 minute answer that has a beat, a tune, and if your lucky some significance to your life.

Is there anything better than asking the question

"Am i ever going to find true love?"


Answer "Child of the Ghetto" by P Diddy,

seriously brilliant! that completely answers my question. I mean day in and day out pondering the question humans everywhere ask "true love, am i worthy? will i find it? will it find me?" and for P Diddy to sing to you....
A child of the ghetto, nobody explain it to me
Livin the scripture the picture they painted for me
Knew what it wasn't, it wasn't the game or the greed
Rippin it runnin and gunnin and aimin for me
A child of the ghetto, nobody explain it to me
Livin the scripture the picture they painted for me"

(Insert uncomfortable sarcastic laughter here)
I mean does shuffle have that much control over me? Why yes it has and yes it does! Hit that shuffle again. get that answer you want. Do it. Do it! 

"Am i ever going to find true love?"
Counting Crows- Round Here 

Nope, that's not good enough

Elliott Smith-A passing Feeling

Well, great song, doesn't answer the question at all

Dixie Chicks- Ready to Run

The title makes me feel sad

Amy Grant- O Come all ye faithful

Oh HELL, what is going on here?!?!?!?!?!

Dave Matthews Band- Crush


I want to take all my previous statements back, the shuffle feature just makes you a bit more depressed, anxious, possibly creates a bad taste in your mouth. 

Lesson Learned- erase some music from my library.

In Jest,

Monday, September 27, 2010

Commencement Address

This was requested of me yesterday out of the blue. This middle aged man saw me and recalled my words from last spring. He shared with me he wanted a copy of it for his patients to read before they enter the operating Room.  Below is the commencement address I delivered to the high school graduating class of 2010. As I re-read this, I was blown away by the connecting 'rule' in all of it. Enjoy, as we are all graduating something right here and right now.

Rules to Live By.
By Kristin McGuirk

1. You are the generation of text messaging and facebook. You desire instant replys, and comments, understand the only reply or comment needed, is that of your own Heart.
2.Make a commitment of serving your passion daily!  Drawing for an hour a day, researching political forums, creating an email stream to be on Oprah. CREATE time to nurture that burning passion within you.
3. Tip a min of 20% 
4.Wear Beauty on the outside to show the world your beauty on the inside.
5. Laugh out Loud
6. Vote. No excuses. Vote.
7. Call your loved ones. Make a commitment to voice your love to your family and friends. 
8. Shower. Good hygene wins points.
9. pay attention to the butterflies in your tummy.....there is something precious in that.
10. Know your NO's....Know your Yes's
11. Be grateful to the Giants whose shoulders your standing on, one day you will be that Giant!
12. Create a daily spiritual practice. Commit to your spirit, your worth it. 
13. The only Reality to watch is the reality show your living. 
14. if you ever meet John Mayer, Remember me.....
15. And above all, above all the rest, Be Yourself, Your the best YOU around!


Friday, September 24, 2010

listening in...

I am confessing to you readers and to myself of a habit I have that I have yet to determine if its ok to have or not to have. (and no its not being so great at run on sentences.)

I am a listener.

Not in the sense of you and I in a conversation, and when you speak, I am listening. More of when you are in a conversation around me and I have no idea who you are, I tap into your conversation. Not even on purpose my ears chime into your voice and I am listening. Deeply listening. I noticed my 'habit' in a strange way today as i was sipping a french press of aged Sumatra at a favorite local coffee house in Portland. This place smells of thought and tastes of determination. I am in love. i feel energized just walking from my car to the front door, I know my appointment I have with this french press is far greater than the one I could have at a corporate, get your ass out the door, here's your crap coffee house. This joint is pure and romantic. I am left alone wherever i sit to do what I need to do, draw, write, type. Its the perfect mistress. A delicious mission.

Oh back to my point, Ha, listening. I was caught off guard by these two older men that sat at the table next to mine. They were easily in the early 70's and reminded me of what Albert Einsteins Bff's looked like. They both were wearing fantastic sweater vests,  not Cosby sweaters, but sweaters that you knew have seen more of this planet that i have dreamed of. They sipped ever so slowly espresso from black demitasse cups and neither needed a plate for the ceramic, for they were also mission induced.

These two fine gents spoke in a very soft and cryptic manner at first, and before i could even look up and smile at there table of 'wisdom' the gent closest to me slammed his hand on the table and in the most 'determined' voice demanded his fellow man to hear his statement. 'If Facebook was not around, neither of us would have a relationship with our Grandchildren!!!'

And that's when the listening began. I was now fully engaged in the conversation of the generation that never had technology....a generation who's family lives where the most important relationships...whose generation is now being demanded to join in on the necessities of what seems to be the greatest relationships we have, our hundreds of Facebook friends.

I continued to listen as they discussed the whereabouts of their grandchildren. The one who is in Korea teaching children English. The Grandson who just decided to travel the Grand Canyon for the third time this year. the Granddaughter whose research is being published in an upcoming Medical magazine.

I wanted more as they both got up and left. I wanted to ask questions about who they are. If their grandchildren are this outstanding because the stories and lives of these two fine men.  it floored me. I am in Awe. The listening gave me a great gift. No matter who you come in contact with, there is a life long story that Hollywood has nothing on. the amazing beginnings and endings and adventures lie within us all. I know someone is always listening to you, as someone is listening to me.

Ears open!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

answer is in the question

The answer is always in the question. For example when I see a sandwhich board asking me if I am going to heaven, and there is a test with only two questions to determine my life after life outcome, my brain tends to wrap itself around more questions. Why the HELL is it determined by a test, pun intended. Why was this poor wood used to create this sign? Is Heaven a vacation spot, and all the cool kids are passing the test so they can attend the new 'Cancun' for spring break next year? Is there a memo I missed?!? 

The truth is, nope i am not GOING to heaven. Seems impossible to go somewhere I already have  a permanent residency at. This mystical place where the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny reside, happens to be where the super hero KDawg and Santa Claus frolic in the fields and call heaven. 

Hope I passed the test!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Something to follow.....

The Best part about being in traffic is noticing the expressions of the people behind you. What thoughts appear in the brain as they follow a bright Orange Element  with tattoos of 'i love you' and a simple mantra of 'follow your folly.' It amazes me to be honest, that we cant express the truth without the judgement. And yet who I am to judge the judger (spl?)? Being negative or positive, its all a judgement.......and so i shall worship the element and the blessing it is to it's followers! oh the power of the stickers!


in the mist of remembering many 'rights of passages' in my life, 30 has become the year of true ordination. I am viewing the world i live in completely different way. a way that finally makes sense. I have taken it upon myself to see the life I am living as the most valuable item, thing, and material i own. its a transformation in 'view' to see the life i live as a sacred, remarkable, trans formative force in the world. I am not claiming that i have status or even desire such a title, its just a perception of acknowledging the air i take into my body is on purpose. the words i speak are on purpose, the thoughts i think are on purpose. What if i could live a fully purpose driven life? what if we all could live a purpose driven life. A life that is so beyond masks, cars, money, food, clothes....but a life that was spent laughing in the midst of our very brilliance. a thought that is ready for action.

just sayin'

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The new era


The purpose of this blog...hmmmmm, great question. I hope I find a remarkable answer, and if i dont, at least I know its all in the journey. 

I know why I am not here.  I am not here to promote my thoughts as the end all. I am not here to produce a platform for my political and religious views on and in the world. I am not here to create a expression that i cannot live up to. 

Simply I am here to be me, and to be the best me I know how to be. To express the thoughts in my mind, the feelings in my heart, the tastes on my tongue, the smells of the world around me, and simply laugh with the brilliance of this world!

It's all gravy.